There's an NLP saying: "A person's behaviour is not who they are".


When we work together, we learn about dependent behaviours; how you have coped with them, why you want to make changes right now, and what you want to be doing differently.


We weigh up what has worked well....and explore when, where, why

and with hasn't. 

This journey will harness your potential... give you the chance to break away from repeating unhelpful habits and test new ways of doing things….whilst leaving behind those unwanted behaviours to the wake…..

The best feedback as a

practitioner I've ever had.


A comment came from a guy - it often comes when about to close a practice session.... with his hand on the door to leave he stopped, and said "You know, you are really helping me and I am learning so much" -"Thank you (I said), I love my job and I get paid for it!" "I know, (he said), but it's more than that……it's your Soul that's making the difference."

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